G.B. Industries

G.B. Industries is a globally recognized manufacturer specializing in the manufacture of electrical safety products, specifically Rubber Insulating Gloves and Rubber Insulating Sleeves under our brand, NOVAX®. These products are mainly used by lineman or electrical contractors when carrying out work that exposes them to energized parts.

As we further improve ourselves, continuous R&D programs are taking place that aim to constantly add new products to our electrical safety range. The goal of NOVAX® is to be your one stop solution for all your electrical safety needs.

Besides electrical safety products, G.B. Industries also manufactures Heavy Duty chemical resistant gloves and Glovebox gloves under our brand, REMZBAUER®. Having the vision of REMZBAUER® to be one of the best industrial gloves in the market, the R&D team is always striving to improve our products and expanding its current range.


To be the industry leader in electrical safety.


At G.B. Industries, we work with customers to translate their electrical safety needs into reliable and high performance solutions.

30 Years of Experience

Being in the glove manufacturing industry for 30 years provides us with latex expertise and Malaysia provides us with industry experts to further our R&D.

Environmental Friendly

Our unique manufacturing process does not include the usage of harmful chemicals typically used in the production process which may damage the environment.



Started Production of NOVAX® Rubber Insulating
Gloves – Classes 00–0

Added Classes 1-2 to range of NOVAX® Rubber Insulating Gloves

Added Classes 3-4 to range of NOVAX® Rubber Insulating Gloves

Added NOVAX® Leather Protectors to product range

Added NOVAX® Glove Storage Bags to product range

Added NOVAX® Dielectric Safety Boots to product range

Added NOVAX® Rubber Insulating Blankets to product range

Added NOVAX® Rubber Insulating Sleeves to product range